Zippy Grapefruit Pops You (and Your Kids!) Will Love

As we slowly inch toward warm, sunshine-soaked days, I find myself craving ice-cold drinks like lemonade, seltzer, cold brew, and (once 5 o’clock rolls around) a refreshing paloma. The iconic Mexican combination of tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime is perfect from the earliest signs of spring all the way through August’s dog days.

But—gasp!—there’s an even cooler way to enjoy palomas, courtesy of The L.A. Cookbook: Recipes from the Best Restaurants, Bakeries, and Bars in Los Angeles. Author Alison Clare Steingold shares the recipe for Paloma’s Paletas’ namesake ice pop.

Tastes just like summer.

Tastes just like summer.
Photo by Julia Gartland

The treats are made with simple syrup, grapefruit, and lime juice—no alcohol, so the pops can freeze. To make the pink pops even prettier, sprinkle edible micro flowers into the molds.

Oh, don’t have paleta molds? No worries. Steingold has two solutions:

Option A: Fill small tumblers, cover with foil, and poke a short skewer or stick in them. Option B: Make a granita. Pour the paleta mixture into a shallow glass or metal baking dish and freeze for 4 hours. Be diligent. Set a timer to give a thorough stir and scrape down the sides every 30 minutes, so ice crystals don’t clump and the consistency remains smooth. The B version will keep for about a day.

No matter how you serve it, your frozen treat would love to party with a shot of tequila. Ooh, and some guac.

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Paloma’s Paletas

Makes 6 paletas
  • 1 1/2

    cups (300 grams) water

  • 1/2

    cup (100 grams) sugar

  • 1

    pint (450 grams) grapefruit juice

  • 3 1/2

    limes, juiced (70 grams)

  • 1/2

    cup edible micro flowers

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What’s your go-to hot weather treat? Share your favorites in the comments!

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Zippy Grapefruit Pops You (and Your Kids!) Will Love