When It Comes to Okra, 'Crispy-Soft' Is the Best Texture

A few years ago, on a whim, I bought some okra from a
local farmers market.
It was too pristine to pass up,
unblemished and deeply green. I ended up tossing the whole okra
pods in oil and salt and grilling them quickly over high heat. They
tasted like a cross between blistered shishito peppers and grilled
zucchini. A perfect lazy summertime snack.

Some folks avoid okra because it releases a slimy texture when
it’s cut into pieces and cooked slowly. However, if you buy okra
pods that are small and crisp, and you cook them whole using high
heat, the texture isn’t slimy at all. In fact, grilled okra is so
enjoyable that it can easily become a mainstay ingredient in your

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When It Comes to Okra, 'Crispy-Soft' Is the Best Texture