What’s on Nando’s menu, when are the new halloumi fries available and what else is vegetarian?

NANDO’S is now embedded in our national culture, and people get very passionate about their beloved menu favourites.

Now the South African restaurant chain has added two more dishes to the bill, but what else is on offer?

Alamy Nando’s is a high street favourite[/caption]

What are the new additions to Nando’s menu?

Nando’s has added two new dishes to their menu – and fans are already going wild for the Halloumi Sticks on the starter menu, served with a side order of chilli jam.

The restaurant chain says: “The famous squeaky cheese has long been the perfect compliment to Nando’s fiery brand of Southern African PERi-PERi chicken, and is now rewarded with its very own starter.

“Consisting of five chunky sticks of halloumi, grilled until golden brown, and served with a pot of Nando’s sticky, sweet chilli jam for dipping; addiction levels will be high.”

Nando’s has also made a vegetarian addition to its main course menu – a Veggie Cataplana main is inspired by Nando’s Southern African heritage.

The Halloumi Fries are a starter and cost £3.70

For those that don’t know, a cataplana is an item of cookware used to prepare Portuguese seafood dishes, and other stew-type dishes.

Nando’s writes: “One for foodies and fans of trying something special, the Veggie Cataplana is Nando’s fresh take on a the many different stew style dishes found around Portugal and South Africa.”

The dish consists of chargrilled veg, chickpeas and beans, in a fiery rich tomato and coconut sauce and served on spicy rice and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.

The Veggie Cataplana, meanwhile, costs £6.45



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How much do the new halloumi fries cost and are they available now?

They are indeed – the new dishes launched in restaurants on February 27.

Halloumi Sticks are priced at £3.70, and the Veggie Cataplana at £6.45.

Will you be trying them?

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What’s on Nando’s menu, when are the new halloumi fries available and what else is vegetarian?