Weekend reading: the 2018 Global Nutrition Report

If you want an overview of the current status of nutrition
problems in the world, what is being done about them, and what
needs to be done about them,
this report
 is required reading (to get to the download button
for the entire report, scroll to the end of the page).

The report is chock full of useful facts, figures, case studies,
and recommendations.  A massive undertaking, it

was produced by the Independent Expert Group of the Global
Nutrition Report, supported by the Global
Nutrition Report Stakeholder Group
and the Secretariat at
Development Initiatives. The writing was led by the co-chairs
Jessica Fanzo and Corinna Hawkes, supported by group members and
supplemented by additional analysts and contributors.

For a quick overview, go right to the
slide deck
 and then to the graphics in the
executive summary.

The report deals both with problems of malnutrition
(undernutrition) and obesity (overnutrition), especially in

It also deals with adult

It identifies measurable nutrition indicators that can be used
to track progress:

It recommends actions to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition
and obesity.

What stands in the way of implementing these steps?  Political
will, alas.

These reports have come out annually since
.  Let’s hope this one gets the attention it

Source: FS – All – Food and Nutrition Blogs
Weekend reading: the 2018 Global Nutrition Report