Owning a Dog Lowers Your Risk of Dying Early by 24%, and Can I Send This Study to My Landlord?

A new analysis of 70 years’ worth of studies that look at
the effect of owning a dog on your
claims that having a dog lowers your risk of dying
early by 24 percent – and yeah, that sounds about right!

Of course anyone who owns a dog – or simply loves them – knows
that the positive effects of pups are many, one universal one being
that a pupper can improve just about any bad mood simply by
existing. But the review – which was published in
Circulation, a journal of the American Heart
Association – looked at research involving nearly 4 million people
and concluded that canines are possibly doing so much more for us.
Namely that “Dog ownership is associated with lower risk of death
over the long term, which is possibly driven by a reduction in
cardiovascular mortality.”

Additionally, another study was released in
Circulation which explored the effects of dog ownership on the
health of those people who had previously suffered a “major
cardiovascular event,”
like a heart attack or stroke. In its
conclusion, it states, “We found evidence of an association of dog
ownership with a better outcome after a major cardiovascular
event.” Although the studies are observational and therefore can’t
prove that dogs were the sole or direct cause of increased life
expectancies, you’ve got to admit, it sounds like an easy

However, it’s tough to know exactly what it is about the dog owners involved in the
studies that lended to their longer, healthier lives
. “Is it
the dog or is it the behaviors?” Dr. Martha Gulati, editor-in-chief
of CardioSmart.org, asked in an interview with CNN. “Is it because
you’re exercising or is it because there is a difference in the
type of person who would choose to have a dog versus somebody who
would not? Are they healthier or wealthier? We don’t know those

Fair enough, but that revelation isn’t going to stop me from
sending this data to the landlord of my dog-less apartment
building. Wish me luck!

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Owning a Dog Lowers Your Risk of Dying Early by 24%, and Can I Send This Study to My Landlord?