Obese bride-to-be sheds staggering 7st to fit into dream size 10 wedding dress

A POLICEWOMAN who once tipped the scales at 18 stone says
getting engaged was the motivation she needed to lose weight –
and walked down the aisle in a size 10 wedding dress.

Charlotte Hutchinson, 29, says she was always a ‘big girl’,
but saw her weight creep up in her late teens and early twenties,
when she partied at university and got into bad eating habits.

Charlotte says she was always a big
girlKennedy News and Media

Charlotte, from Aldershot, Hampshire, ate two takeaways a week
and binged on crisps and chocolate.

She said: “I would never think twice about eating a whole
chocolate bar in the evenings and one of the main things I had to
give up was takeaways. We would have at least one or two a

“I always knew subconsciously that I needed to lose weight. It
was always there in the back of my mind but I just never really did
anything about it.

“I would go to the doctor for routine appointments and they
always commented ‘you really should think about losing weight’
but even that didn’t give me the kick I needed.”

Getting engaged gave her the
motivation to lose weightKennedy News and Media

Standing at 5ft 6ins tall and wearing a size 20, Charlotte, an
investigating officer, said her size began to affect her confidence
and her health.

Charlotte, who had a BMI of 40, said: “Being so big did really
affect my confidence. Going on holiday or going out – even to
family events – I was always looking for clothes that covered me
up the most.

“It had started to affect my fitness as well. Going up stairs
I would get really tired and out of breath.”

But the motivation for Charlotte to lose weight came when her
partner of 11 years, Ricky Hutchinson, 33, proposed in October

Charlotte married her partner Ricky
in FloridaKennedy News and Media

She soon began to dread how she’d look on her wedding day, and
didn’t want to be a big bride.

Charlotte said: “When we got engaged that finally gave me the
kick I needed because I suddenly realised I wanted to look nice in
my wedding photos.

“And when I thought about going wedding dress shopping, I knew
I couldn’t go the way I was. I felt embarrassed at the thought of
going before I started my diet.”

Determined to feel good on her big day, she swapped takeaways
for home-cooked meals and watched her portion size.

Charlotte’s diet before
  • Breakfast: Three pieces of white toast with butter and peanut
  • Lunch: Two white bread and cheese sandwiches
  • Dinner: Chinese takeaway, fish and chips, or spaghetti
    bolognese cooked using oil with lots of cheese and garlic
  • Snack: A chocolate bar and crisps

Charlotte saw her weight balloon to
18 stoneKennedy News and Media

She saw the weight drop off – losing a staggering 6st 7lbs in
the run-up to her big day after joining Slimming World.

And when she went wedding dress shopping, she was able to wear
the type of gown she had always dreamed about.

Charlotte said: “I never for a second thought I would wear a
wedding dress like the one I got because I never imagined I would
lose this much weight.

“I was on a lot of wedding pages on Facebook and Instagram and
I would see all these slim women modelling wedding dresses and I
never even dreamed that I would be able to look like them.

She joined Slimming World after she
got engagedKennedy News and Media

“As soon as I put it on, I didn’t even want to try on
anymore. I knew it was the one.

“I didn’t put it on again until it was time for the
alterations four weeks before the wedding and the seamstress had to
take it in three inches on each side.

“I bought it in a size 12 so it was like a size 10 in the end.
It was such an amazing feeling and quite a shock. I didn’t
realise I had lost so much more weight since I bought it.”

Ricky was shocked at the amount Charlotte had managed to lose
for their wedding, which took place in Florida last month.

Charlotte’s diet after

Breakfast: Overnight oats with fresh fruit

Lunch: Homemade soup or salads

Dinner: Cottage pie cooked using cooking spray with lots of

Snack: A Freddo

She felt able to wear a bikini for
the first time in yearsKennedy News and Media

Charlotte said: “Ricky was shell-shocked when he saw me
walking down the aisle.

“He couldn’t really say anything for a little while and I
could see him welling up. Then he just turned to me and said ‘you
look beautiful’.

“All day, people kept telling me how fantastic and stunning I

The couple stayed on for their honeymoon, and for the first time
in years Charlotte felt able to wear a bikini.

Charlotte lost an incredible 6st
7lbs in the run up to her weddingKennedy News and Media

She said: “It is the first holiday I’ve ever been on where
I’ve had this self-confidence.

“Before when we went on holidays, I would always cover myself
up – even at the beach. I always have a cover-up dress or

“I never felt like I could wear a bikini but this time I just
wore bikinis and no cover up. I bought about six different bikinis
just because I could.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed wearing swimwear
and the first time I’ve worn a bikini since my early teens. It
was such an incredible feeling.”

Charlotte swapped takeaways for
home cooked mealsKennedy News and Media

Charlotte said Ricky, a construction worker, is proud of her,
but reminds her he loved her no matter what her size.

Charlotte said: “Losing weight has had such a positive impact
on every aspect on every aspect of my life.

“Ricky loves seeing me with so much self-confidence. He says I
come across more confident and more happy.

“He always tells me he didn’t even realise I had that much
weight to lose because he never saw me as a big person.

Charlotte didn’t want to be a big
bride on her wedding dayKennedy News and Media

“He says he loved me then and he loves me now – my weight
doesn’t change a thing.

“My colleagues have all said I am more confident at work as

“I would really encourage anyone struggling with their weight
to just take the plunge and start doing something about it.

“I told myself for years that I needed to lose weight but
it’s all about taking that first step and finding what works for

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Obese bride-to-be sheds staggering 7st to fit into dream size 10 wedding dress