My House Doesn’t Truly Feel Clean Until I Do This

Surprising exactly no one, I really, truly do not like cleaning.
I dread those weekly marathon sessions of turning over every curio,
wiping each surface, scrubbing all the dark and cobwebby crannies.
I hate the odor of vinegar and bleach and window cleaner that
permeates my apartment for hours and gives me a headache. I can’t
stand the pruny fingers I develop after spending the better part of
the day with my fists clenched around a smelly wet rag.

But even though I abhor these things with a fiery passion, with
equal passion I love the payoff. The feeling of finally being at
rest in a spotless space after a long day of tidying is simply
unparalleled. Cooking in a kitchen that’s just been scrubbed opens
a new world of dinnertime possibilities. Watching TV in a freshly
dusted living room makes me feel more relaxed than the TV show
could by itself.

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Source: FS – All – Food – News
My House Doesn’t Truly Feel Clean Until I Do This