My College Roommate Didn't Respect Me, So I Got Out ASAP

College was such a fun experience for me. I met so
many new friends, got to expose myself to a brand new environment,
stepped out of my comfort zone, and took interesting classes.

For my senior year, I decided that I wanted to live in an
off-campus apartment to experience more of the city and the real
college life. I had my living
situation figured out: I was going to be roommates with a friend I
met in one of my classes the year prior. But when that plan fell
through and since I already signed the lease, I was placed with a
complete stranger.

I moved into my apartment in August and the first time I met my
new roommate, I thought she was nice. We had small conversations
here and there, but I didn’t really know anything about her. And
because I have social anxiety, I was a
bit nervous to ask her if she wanted to grab a drink or something
to eat so we can get familiarized with each other. She didn’t ask
me either, so we kind of just stayed in that awkward phase of never
fully settling in.

What It’s Like Having a Bad Roommate

Thankfully, I had my own room so we just had to share the
kitchen and bathroom, but things started going downhill right away.
One night while doing homework in my room,
I started smelling marijuana. Now, I have nothing against people
who smoke weed or the drug itself, but I really didn’t want my
clothes and room smelling like it, and it was getting really
strong. Plus, she was breaking the lease by smoking in the

After texting her a couple times asking her to stop, we were
given an official warning from the building’s main office via email
saying if she didn’t stop, she would get fined. She apologized and
I thought the whole situation was over. But about a week or so
later, I started coming home to the apartment reeking of weed
again. It was happening almost daily.

To make things even more awkward, our walls in our apartment
were very thin and both our rooms were connected by the air vent,
so I constantly heard her heard her having *** with her
. I was so uncomfortable and she knew
, but didn’t care enough to quiet down. As if that wasn’t
enough, she would use my stuff without asking, and would never text
back (I wouldn’t text her often, just when I needed her to quiet
down or to give me back my stuff).

What to Do About It

In February, I had enough. I always felt uncomfortable, even
when she wasn’t in the apartment, and it was starting to weigh
heavily on me mentally. I finally decided to call the head of the
apartment company and basically told them everything that was
happening. Luckily, they were very understanding, and within a
week, I was transferred to a different room. I packed my things up
and moved to my new apartment within a couple
hours. Luckily, my new roommate was understanding and respectful,
and I was finally able to settle in and make my new place feel like

While a lot of people shy away from living with someone
they know
in college, I would recommend rooming with someone
that you’re at least a little familiar with. And if you do decide
to live with a stranger and that person doesn’t respect you or your
, always tell someone, whether it’s your RA or the
apartment company. You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in your
own home, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking the steps to
change that.

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My College Roommate Didn't Respect Me, So I Got Out ASAP