7 Indoor Plants That Are Near-Impossible to Kill

With all the gorgeous, plant-filled interior spaces I’ve seen
lately, it seems like any room could benefit from a little
greenery. Even science says so: NASA’s
famous Clean Air study
shows that certain indoor plants can
provide a natural way of removing toxins like formaldehyde and
ammonia from the air.
Other research
shows that just having plants around improves
focus, lowers anxiety, and increases productivity. Yet another
concluded that people experience an unconscious calming
reaction simply by touching a plant.

But if the idea of keeping a plant alive gives you the cold
sweats, don’t despair: You can still embrace the lush life by
selecting ones that fit your space and lifestyle. Read on for
experts’ top picks for beginners who want to fill their home with
plants—no green thumb required!

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Source: FS – All – Food – News
7 Indoor Plants That Are Near-Impossible to Kill