15 Vegan Halloween Candies so *Everyone* Can Trick or Treat

Every year growing up, I would run around my neighborhood with a
plastic pumpkin-shaped basket and haul as much candy back home as
humanly possible. (You probably did, too.) From Kit Kats to Sour
Patch Kids, there wasn’t a single type of candy I said no
to—unless the “candy” someone was giving out was actually the
much-dreaded apple slices or carrot sticks. Pure evil.

Nowadays, though, I’m much more thoughtful about where my food
comes from, and I’ve realized lately that the majority of the candy
that I eat contains a whole host of ingredients I hadn’t really
considered before, like artificial food dyes and animal-based
proteins. If you follow a vegan diet, for instance, there
are actually a number of Halloween candies containing ingredients
that you’ll likely want to avoid.

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Source: FS – All – Food – News
15 Vegan Halloween Candies so *Everyone* Can Trick or Treat